St Regis Bal Harbour Condos For Sale

Are you excited about shopping for a home in Sunny Isles? It’s a wonderful location, and there are a number of great properties available. The St. Regis Bal Harbour is one of the most impressive and popular condominium complexes in the area, and a number of properties in the building are up for sale right now. Check out the options that are currently available to see if anything interests you.

The units at the complex vary in size and layout, so it should be possible to find something that fits your needs well. For example, all of the units have large balconies with fantastic views of the water and the skyline. Whether you are looking for a smaller one-bedroom unit, or you need a larger property that will hold your growing family, St. Regis Bal Harbour should have what you need in terms of space and amenities.

One of the things you have to remember is that the properties you see available here tend to sell very quickly. The St. Regis Bal Harbour is a very popular location, and people are always actively looking to see what’s available. Quite a few things help to make this popular, including the area. It’s close to the beach, which is what most people who move to Florida want. It is close to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and everything that these areas offer. Bal Harbour Shops is across the street as well.

If you see a unit that you like, it is a good idea to act as quickly as you can. Get in touch with Lana Bell and her team today, so we can let you know more about the unit and the area and start the buying process. This is one building where you will not want to wait too long to act!

4 Bedrooms for sale in St. Regis Bal Harbour condo
1503S$9,675,000$2,4734/5/13912Sep 18, 2019A10333638
2003N$8,500,000$2,3904/4/03556Jun 19, 2018A10487335
1903S$7,500,000$2,1094/6/13556Jul 19, 2019A10705250
501N$6,850,000$1,7644/4/13884Aug 02, 2019A10716319
901N$6,300,000$1,6224/5/13884Jan 23, 2017A10210064
603S$5,900,000$2,0774/4/02840Mar 26, 2019A10644884
3 Bedrooms for sale in St. Regis Bal Harbour condo
2600$15,000,000$5,5133/4/12721May 16, 2019A10673046
2100$9,500,000$3,0133/4/13153Jan 24, 2019A10603511
1800$9,500,000$3,4913/4/12721Aug 16, 2019A10717823
1900$7,995,000$2,5363/4/13153Jul 03, 2019A10695125
LPH4$6,980,000$2,0303/4/13439Aug 06, 2019A10718289
1603-S$6,800,000$2,1743/4/13128Sep 24, 2019A10743608
601S$6,500,000$1,6743/4/13884Oct 29, 2018A10559871
1403N$6,400,000$2,0463/4/13128Dec 18, 2018A10582201
503N$6,400,000$2,2543/4/12840Oct 16, 2019A10755980
502S$5,995,000$1,9143/4/13133Sep 28, 2017A10248067
1103N$5,950,000$03/4/10Oct 11, 2019A10754641
2203N$5,950,000$1,9023/4/13128Nov 14, 2018A10566614
903$5,495,000$1,7543/4/13133Nov 19, 2018A10573198
1102S$5,400,000$1,7423/4/13100Oct 16, 2018A10553878
702N$5,399,000$1,7233/4/13133May 11, 2019A10670786
2 Bedrooms for sale in St. Regis Bal Harbour condo
PH-07$5,300,000$2,4962/2/02123Nov 19, 2018A10570056
2607$4,545,000$1,9022/3/12389Sep 16, 2019A10577072
2505N$2,875,000$1,7982/3/11599Jun 25, 2019A10694813
906$2,789,000$2,2122/2/01261Feb 23, 2019A10621949
PH-12$2,690,000$1,7462/2/01541Nov 12, 2019A10766939
706$2,590,000$2,0542/2/01261Feb 26, 2019A10618097
1405N$2,550,000$1,5952/3/11599Oct 22, 2019A10755914
901$2,537,000$1,7172/2/01478Jan 25, 2016A10021976
505$2,490,000$1,9752/2/01261May 16, 2019A10662093
404S$2,490,000$1,4782/3/11685Aug 08, 2019A10719977
405N$2,350,000$1,3222/3/11777Sep 02, 2019A10732160
605N$2,195,000$1,3732/3/11599Oct 28, 2019A10762450
1 Bedroom for sale in St. Regis Bal Harbour condo
805$2,750,000$2,1811/2/01261Jul 06, 2016A10110457
601$2,582,000$1,7471/2/01478Feb 26, 2019A10625288

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