St Regis Bal Harbour Sold Condos

If you have an interest in moving to Sunny Isles Beach, and you are wondering what types of properties are selling, the information on this page can be a great benefit to you. These are some of the units at St. Regis Bal Harbour that have sold over the last year or so, and it can provide you with some detail as to what you should expect when you are buying.

As you can see, the properties sold at the St. Regis Bal Harbour have been brisk. What is it that is making people flock to this area? First, let’s look at the location. The towers are just steps from the beach. The complex is also just across the road from Bal Harbour Shops, one of the most famous and popular shopping destinations in South Florida. Miami and Fort Lauderdale are only a short drive away as well. This is a perfect location for those who may need to commute for work, as well as those who are looking for some fun and entertainment.

The building itself is outstanding as well, as it features a host of amenities including a fitness center, valet, onsite eateries, pools, and more. The units are fantastic as well. They have large balconies, the living areas are spacious, and they offer some stellar views.

Keep in mind that the selling prices for units will vary based on a number of things such as demand and popularity of the building. These should give you a good baseline though as to the typical prices for units at St. Regis Bal Harbour and other locations in the area.

If you find a property at the complex that appeals to you, make sure you get in touch with us right away. The popularity of the building makes the units sell quickly, and you do not want to lose out on the home of your dreams.

PH-15$2,300,000$1,2892/21785Nov 03, 2016A10128841
605$2,450,000$1,9432/21261Jun 01, 2016A2111182
2401N$9,400,000$1,8743/33884Apr 29, 2016A2171251
806$2,800,000$02/21261Dec 15, 2015A2147732
606$2,500,000$01/21478Dec 15, 2015A2161539
PH-15$2,300,000$1,2892/21785Nov 18, 2015A2025252
1505N$3,250,000$1,8292/21777Sep 01, 2015A2168622
PH07$5,700,000$2,3862/22389Jul 21, 2015A2010528
1105N$3,275,000$2,0482/21599Apr 30, 2015A2041735
1901-S$7,800,000$2,0084/43884Apr 14, 2015A1953018
1805N$2,800,000$1,5762/21777Mar 31, 2015A1945689
405$2,000,000$1,3561/21475Mar 10, 2015A1964173
1201S$8,600,000$2,2143/33884Feb 09, 2015A2048366
1603N$6,375,000$1,8623/33424Jan 28, 2015A1898001
2512$3,100,000$1,7372/21785Jan 16, 2015A1865365
506$2,250,000$1,7841/21261Jan 09, 2015A1983120
1603S$6,850,000$2,0013/33424Jan 06, 2015A1863445
501C$2,500,000$1,9081/21310Dec 03, 2014A1973366
805N$2,800,000$1,7512/21599Oct 02, 2014A1948281
2301N$8,360,000$2,1523/33884Sep 30, 2014A1875185
1101$2,250,000$2,1052/11069Sep 26, 2014A1929535
2404N$7,500,000$2,4983/33003Sep 23, 2014A1985323
1200 C$6,500,000$1,9913/33265Sep 02, 2014A1815138
2302-S$6,550,000$1,9133/33424Jul 22, 2014A1868481
2501$3,500,000$1,6672/32100Jun 06, 2014A1909741
2502$3,600,000$1,7142/32100May 09, 2014A1909757
1202$2,175,000$1,6601/21310May 02, 2014A1889501
401N$6,500,000$1,6733/33885Apr 25, 2014A1879510
801$2,100,000$1,6031/21310Apr 15, 2014A1862273
1901N$6,500,000$1,8443/33524Mar 26, 2014A1826213
1400$5,500,000$1,7443/33153Feb 19, 2014A1849756

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